Please bring a print out of the reading/study material for the Tuesday evening discussion. These are posted each Monday. Click on the link below
A Mindful Space
& Study Group

Each Tuesday evening
7-9 at OpenEye.
875 4th St., San Rafael, CA.
Faciltated by Tarané Sayler
The vision for this gathering is to form a supportive community of Buddhist practitioners who want to inquire, investigate and discuss practice with like minded folks in an ongoing and committed way.
The evening begins with a silent meditation at 7pm. Please come in and make your self comfortable on a cushion or a chair that is already set up for you. After a 25 minute meditation, we will have 5 minutes of mindful walking meditation. This 5 minutes may also be used for a bathroom etc. break time. At 7:30 we will sit and begin our reading/discussion of the evenings materials. The study materials will be posted here on the site for you to review, print out and bring with you. We'll close the gathering at 9pm.
OPEN EYE Meditation Group is a secular Buddhist gathering. There is no particular identification with Theravada, Mahayana or Zen Buddhism. The focus of study is on contemporary Buddhist commentary and the Pali Canon, the oldest writings available to us recording what the Buddha actually said. We'll be studying the core teachings of the Buddha including but not limited to The Four Noble Truths, The Eight Fold Path, Dependent Originations and Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Readings from current buddhist writers will also be incorporated into the discussion.
Members are asked to print out and bring the weekly material for the evening discussion.