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Chakra Exploration

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New series coming this summer.
Dates TBA.
This class is facilitated by
Tarané Sayler, graphic artist,
long time Buddhist practitioner
and founder of OpenEye

Tarané Sayler
About the Workshop

You can work on just the chakras that you select in the series without completing the series if you like. Each workshop is 25.00 or the entire series discounted at 150.00.

In this upcoming meditation & art workshop we’ll explore each of the seven chakras in meditation and also as an art piece. We’ll focus on one of the seven chakras each workshop in this series. We’ll start with the root chakra (red) and work up all the way to the seventh, the crown chakra (purple).

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” as well as “circle” and “cycle”.
It’s described by many as a spinning wheel of light.

In Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, a chakra is thought to be an energy point or node in the subtle body. Chakras are believed to be part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such, are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels called nadi. Nadi are believed to be channels in the subtle body through which the life force (prana) (non-physical) or vital energy (non-physical) moves. There are ancient beautiful mandala-like symbols, each with it’s own color, used to represent these energy wheels. Your art piece will be based on these. (seen at right).

We will be exploring them in a playful and respectful way through our guided meditation and creative expressions working on wooden panels with mixed media; acrylic paint, gel pen, colored pencil, collage. Panels are 6” x 6 “ x 1 1/2” deep.
Crown Chakra | Violet, White or All Colors
1000 petals symbolic of infinity | Divine Consciouness | The Lotus symbolizes the rise of radiant purity from the murky waters | Located at the crown of the head | Liberation | Union | Nervous System, Brain | Sound OM

Third Eye | Indigo
Life Force Element | Seat of he Inner Guru Boundary Between Human & Divine Consciousness | Wisdom, Intuition, Discrimination | Pineal Gland, Circadian Rhythms | Located at the center of forehead between eyebrow | 2 Petals represent convergence of dual aspects of life force | Sound OM

Throat Chakra | Blue

Ether Element | Detoxification, Purification, Manifestation of Words Clarity, Surmounting Problems and Inhibitions, Singing & Linguistic Skills | Located at Throat | Bridge from Body to Spirit | Thyroid | 16 Petal represent vowels/tones of the Sanskrit language | Sound HAM

Heart Chakra | Green
Air Element | Compassion, Love, Devotion, Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gateway to Spiritual Development | Located in the center of the chest | Lungs, Immune, Circulatory & Lymphatic systems | 12 Petals representing joy, peace, kindness, patience, love, harmony, clarity, compassion, purity, understanding, forgiveness, bliss | Sound YAM

Solar Plexus | Yellow
Fire Element | Personality, Identity, Will Power, Action, Self Worth, Growth | Digestion, Metabolism, Process | Located between navel and heart | 10 petals representing aspects to overcome to proceed to purifying the Heart [ignorance, thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion, foolishness and sadness.] Sound RAM

Sacral Chakra | Orange
Water Element | Self Expression, Gut Feeling, Intuition, Emotions, Sexual Vigor, Pleasure | Seeds of Creativity | Focus of movement practices like Tai Chi | Located at the belly | 6 Petals represent the connection to 6 states of our evolving consciousness | Moon shape represents strengths hidden in subconscious Sound VAM

Root Chakra | Red
Earth Element | Security, Survival, Sensuality, Reproduction, Stability | Hormones, Endocrine System | Located between sex and elimination organs | Seat of Kundalini Energy | 4 Petals represent mind, intellect, consciousness, ego | Sound LAM